Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Brilliant Foo'

It is true. I did it. You may not believe I did it, but regardless, it happened. I signed up to co-lead our church's VBS.

Perhaps we should all pause now for a moment of reflection on the foo' who commits to things that they know they will probably regret...

Ok, I am back.

Actually, now that I am done being drama queen over this, it is actually going quite nicely. And I owe it all to the fact that I have been so brilliant as to choose a great partner. My co-leader just happens to be little Miss Organizer Extraordinaire.

And she owns a sleek and snappy little ski boat.

So what does that have to do with the price of apricots, you might ask?

Today we had a VBS meeting. She basically outlined to me what she had accomplished thus far and I nodded at all the appropriate times. She handed me a folder to look over (really a token job I am sure) and we were done in 20 minutes. My kind of meeting!! It only got better!! We then loaded all our kids up and spent the rest of the afternoon ( with a high of 79 degrees, thank you very much) on the lake skiing and swimming and boarding and tubing. Oh, and eating chocolate chip cookies too. A very important detail.

So I am thinking maybe I am one brilliant foo'!

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Kellie said...

As a good friend I am going to give you unsolicited advice to help you in your VBS endeavor. HEre it goes...

I think a good VBS nickname for little Miss Organizer Extraordinaire would be:

Little MOE.

Isn't that cute?!!

Oh, and also...


Oh wait, did I just type out loud?