Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring is Just Around the Corner

A couple days ago I heard the distintive trill of a Sand Hill Crane. I ran to the window and there it was, strutting across my snow covered back yard. This just has to mean that Spring is around the corner!!! (Please, Please, Please!!!!)I think he may be the baby of our pair from last year. He is bigger then they were. ("My, how he has grown up!") And apparently they do tend to return to their "homes".

But I am absolutely thrilled to let you know that as of today he has found a mate. So hopefully in a few months our family will be stretched out in the warm green grass of our yard, enjoying a lazy summer day. We will hear the Sand Hill Cranes trilling their approach and will get to watch the proud parents and their new little baby toddling across our sunshine filled yard. The boys will spot them first, the girl's will adore the cute little baby, Hidey will try and stalk them, Truck will ignore them, and it will all be good!

Biding My Time!!

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