Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Question About A Breakfast Drink

Just to humor me, would you please anwer the question below, out loud.

(No one is around, so just do it!! There is a reason.)

*What is orange and you usually drink it for breakfast? And please listen to yourself say it out loud!!!!!

So here is my real question. Did you say "orange juice" or did you say "oran-juice"?

My husband has voiced a problem with the fact that I don't enunciate all the letters and have turned two words into one word. In my opinion, it is a waste of my precious time to say the full "orange juice". It is awkward and a mouthful. And besides, after 19 years of hanging out together it seems a little late to have an issue now with how I say "oran-juice". That should have totally been covered in our pre-marital counseling!!

And we don't even drink the stuff in our family except when we have company!!

So I would love to hear how you say it. Especially if you say it like me!!


Anonymous said...

It is orange juice... You are the only person I have ever heard say it this way, and I think it is sexy... wrong, funny, and very sexy!

TJ Wilson said...

Great question, M, I've often wondered how people can drink OJ in the a.m.! I like it ok, but not first thing in the morning. Totally unappealing either before or after brushing teeth (esp after). And if I just say "OJ," it's totally pronounceable. :)

meh said...

Anonymous, saying I am sexy doesn't get you out of the dog house. Saying I am right will.
TJ, I totally agree with the whole toothbrushing dilemma as it relates to OJ!!

Lara said...

When I read it out loud I said "orange juice" two words but I'll have to listen to myself say it in the morning at breakfast to see if in conversation I run it together...I agree pre-marital counseling is completely inadequate that doesn't cover...1. which way the toilet paper goes, 2. throwing away empty containers of shampoo, condition, cereal, bags of chips, etc. 3.where does peanut butter go the pantry of the fridge?...we should write a book! :)